Tattenhall 2017

On 4th and 5th of May Year 2 went for a trip to Tattenhall.

This was an amazing experience where the children gained lots of independence.
On the way we visited The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm and tasted this delicious ice cream and then had a play on the equipment that was there.

From here we went to the centre for our night stay. When we arrived we had a tour of the building and then went to unpack. We learnt how to make our own bed, helping each other if we were stuck.
After this we went pond dipping and found water skaters, tadpoles and other pond life. We had great fun looking at all the different creatures and identifying them!
From there we had a play on the climbing frame and climbing wall that was there and played in the field. By tea time we were all exhausted. Some children were even asking to go to bed!!!!
We had some tea and then had another run outside. After this we had a shower, hot chocolate and settled down ready for bed!

A good night’s sleep was had by all and the next morning we went for breakfast in our PJ’s!
The next day brought sketching the centre and playing outside. We had lunch and then climbed back on the coach ready to come home.

A fantastic time had by all!