Sports Day 2015

Sports Day 2015

On the 23rd of June 2015 we celebrated sports day.  Luckily the sun came out just in time! 

The four houses, Apedale, Burley, Primitive and Sladderhill, competed in a variety of competitions in a bid to win the coveted house trophy!

Some of the events the teams took part in were the year group races, and team activities such as ‘dribbling the ball’, ‘targets’, ‘shuttle run’ and ‘hitting the wickets’ to name just a few!

All the teams were winners on the day because of the effort that each and every child put in to their activities.  The trophy winners, however, were Sladderhill team.  The scores for the day are as follows:

1st Place – Sladderhill – 886 points

2nd Place – Primitive – 805 points

3rd Place  – Burley – 780 points

4th Place – Apedale – 753 points

Congratulations to all the teams and well done for your efforts.  We’d also like to thank parents, guardians and relatives for joining us on the day.  We hope you thoroughly enjoyed it!