News by Month: October 2016

Oaks Art and Craft Club

This first half term, children from Oaks class have had the opportunity to attend this club after school on Wednesdays. So far, those attending have learnt some basic sewing skills as well as modelling using ‘Modroc’, which is similar to Plaster of Paris, to make the head for a puppet which will be clothed and decorated after the holidays.
Unfortunately, due to Cross-Country, some children have as yet been unable to attend but they are welcome to join in when we return.
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Miss Warriner does PE

I was very pleased to hear thank you for a fun lesson after PE with this lot. We did a circuit and worked our way round in groups. The children were brilliant at taking turns and were confident with all activities. Hurdles, bowling with a large ball, bouncing a large ball, rolling/passing with a small ball and dominos.
Well done Reception =)

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