Our Partnerships


Wood Lane is proud to be making links in both the local community and further afield! Wood Lane School has links with schools in Staffordshire, Lancashire and even in Europe.

Please look at some of our partnership schools and what we are doing with them to develop our learners here at Wood Lane. We believe a well rounded individual is one who respects the cultures and lives of others, as well as being able to respectfully share their own cultures and beliefs. These partnership links are the perfect opportunity for our children to develop into these well rounded individuals.  We also have close links with local business in the community and they help us by allowing us to use their facilities.

Sir Thomas Boughey High School

Sir Thomas Boughey High School, in Halmer End, is our feeder school, and is also a Cooperative school like ours. As such, we share the same vision and ethos.

Our partnership allows for our children to experience high school life by visiting the school and taking part in various lessons that we often don’t get opportunity to do, such as cookery, wood work and drama.


Hurst Knoll St James’ C.E. Primary School

Hurst Knoll St James’ Primary School in Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, is in an urban area close to the town centre.  In contrast, Wood Lane is a village school with surrounding countryside.  Because of these contrasting settings the children of both schools will have had similar, but also many different, ‘life’ experiences.  It was therefore seen to be the perfect link to expand the cultural experiences of our children.


Visit our Hurst Knoll Partnership page to find out more about the school and our activities with them.

Wood Lane Cricket Club

Wood Lane Cricket Club allow us to use their grounds when the children need a real experience of what it is like to play cricket in its true environment.

Visit our Wood Lane Cricket Club Partnership page to find out more about the cricket club and what they have to offer the local community.

Visit their website at www.woodlane.play-cricket.com